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PI500-S series solar pump inverter

Powtran PI500-S series inverter special for PV water pump adopts the high accuracy fast MPPT algorithms, tracking the PV array output by the maximum power point, driving the pump motor as much as possible to meet various pumping applications.
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 Powtran PI500-S series inverter special for PV water pump adopts the high accuracy fast MPPT algorithms, tracking the PV array output by the maximum power point, driving the pump motor as much as possible to meet various pumping applications.

 The inverter special for PV water pump can support AC input besides support PV array DC input. When the PV array can not drive the motor or does not have output, it can also acceptthe grid AC input or other AC motor to supply the power to meet various emergency needs.PI9000-S series inverter special for PV water pump provides full protection, maximizing the life of motor and pump. 






Voltage and frequency levels

Single-phase 220V±10%50/60Hz±5% 

Three-phase 220V±10%50/60Hz±5%

Three-phase 380V±10%50/60Hz±5%

Recommend pv input DC voltage range

G1/G2DC 200440V

G3DC 350780V

Control system

Control system

High performance vector control inverter based on DSP

Control method

V/F control, vector control W/O PG

Automatic torque boost function

Realize low frequency (1Hz) and large output torque control under the V/F control mode.

Acceleration/deceleration control

Straight or S-curve mode. Four times available and time range is 0.0 to 6500.0s.

V/F curve mode

Linear, square root/m-th power, custom V/F curve

Over load capability

G type:rated current 150% - 1 minute, rated current 180% - 2 seconds

Maximum frequency

Vector control:0 to 300Hz;

V/F control:0 to 3200Hz

Carrier Frequency

0.5 to 16kHz; automatically adjust carrier frequency according to the load characteristics.

Input frequency resolution

Digital setting: 0.01Hz Analog setting: maximum frequency×0.1%

Start torque

G type: 0.5Hz/150% (vector control W/O PG)

Speed range

1:100 (vector control W/O PG)

Steady-speed precision

Vector control W/O PG: ≤ ± 0.5% (rated synchronous speed)

Torque response

≤ 40ms (vector control W/O PG)

Torque boost

Automatic torque boost; manual torque boost(0.1% to 30.0%)

DC braking

DC braking frequency: 0.0Hz to max. frequency, braking time:

0.0 to 100.0 seconds, braking current value: 0.0% to 100.0%

Jogging control

Jog Frequency Range: 0.00Hz to max. frequency;

Jog Ac/deceleration time: 0.0s to 6500.0s

Multi-speed operation

Achieve up to 16-speed operation through the control terminal

Built-in PID

Easy to realize closed-loop control system for the process control.

Automatic voltage regulation(AVR)

Automatically maintain a constant output voltage when the voltage of electricity grid changes

The specific function of solar pump inveter 

the biggest Optical power tracking,Light weak auto sleep,Light intensity automatically wake up,High water level automatic stop,Low water level automatic run,under load protection.

Peronalization function

Self-inspection of peripherals after power-on

After powering on, peripheral equipment will perform safety testing, such as ground, short circuit, etc.

Common DC bus function

Multiple inverters can use a common DC bus.

Quick current limiting

The current limiting algorithm is used to reduce the inverter overcurrent probability, and improve whole unit anti-interference capability.

Timing control

Timing control function: time setting range(0m to 6500m)


Input signal

Running method


Frequency setting

10 frequency settings available, including adjustable DC(0 to 10V), adjustable DC(0 to 20mA), panel potentiometer, etc.

Start signal

Rotate forward/reverse


At most 16-speed can be set(run by using the multi-function terminals or program)

Emergency stop

Interrupt controller output

Fault reset

When the protection function is active, you can automatically or manually reset the fault condition.

PID feedback signal

Including DC(0 to 10V), DC(0 to 20mA)

Output signal

Running status

Motor status display, stop, ac/deceleration, constant speed, program running status.

Fault output

Contact capacity :normally closed contact 3A/AC 250Vnormally open contact 5A/AC 250V1A/DC 30V.

Analog output

Two-way analog output, 16 signals can be selected such as frequency, current, voltage and other, output signal range (0 to 10V / 0 to 20mA).

Output signal

At most 3-way output, there are 40 signals each way

Run function

Limit frequency, jump frequency, frequency compensation, auto-tuning, PID control

DC current braking

Built-in PID regulates braking current to ensure sufficient braking torque under no overcurrent condition.

Running command channel

Three channels: operation panel, control terminals and serial communication port. They can be switched through a variety of ways.

Frequency source

Total 11 frequency sources: digital, analog voltage,multi-speed and serial port. They can be switched through a variety of ways.

Input terminals

6 digital input terminals, compatible with active PNP or NPN input mode, one of them can be for high-speed pulse input(0 to 100 kHz square wave); 3 analog input terminals AI1and AI2 of them can be for 0-10V or 0-20mA input,and AI3 can be for -10V to +10V input.

Output terminals

2 digital output terminals, one of them can be for high-speed pulse output(0 to 100kHz square wave); TWO relay output terminal; 2 analog output terminals respectively for optional range (0 to 20mA or 0 to 10V), they can be used to set frequency, output frequency, speed and other physical parameters.

Protection function

Inverter protection

Overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overload protection, overheat protection, overcurrent stall protection, overvoltage stall protection, losting-phase protection (optional), communication error, PID feedback signal abnormalities, and short circuit to ground protection.

IGBT temperature display

Displays current temperature IGBT

Inverter fan control

Can be set

Instantaneous power-down restart

Less than 15 milliseconds: continuous operation.

More than 15 milliseconds: automatic detection of motor speed, instantaneous power-down restart.

Speed start tracking method

The inverter automatically tracks motor speed after it starts

Parameter protection function

Protect inverter parameters by setting administrator Password and decoding


LED/OLED display keyboard

Running information

Monitoring objects including: running frequency, set frequency, bus voltage, output voltage, output current, output power, output torque, input terminal status, output terminal status, analog AI1 value, analog AI2 value, motor Actual running speedPID set value percentage, PID feedback value percentage.

Error message

At most save three error message, and the time, type, voltage, current, frequency and work status can be queried when the failure is occurred.

LED display

Display parameters

OLED display

Optional, prompts operation content in Chinese/English text.

Copy parameter

Can upload and download function code information of frequency converter, rapid replication parameters.

Key lock and function selection

Lock part or all of keys, define the function scope of some keys to prevent misuse.



The optional completely isolated RS485 communication module can communicate with the host computer.

9KRSCB.V5 version and above built-in 485 communication module


Environment temperature

-10 to 40 (temperature at 40 to 50 , please derating for use)

Storage temperature

-20 to 65

Environment humidity

Less than 90% R.H, no condensation.


Below 5.9m/s² (= 0.6g)

Application sites

Indoor where no sunlight or corrosive, explosive gas and water vapor, dust, flammable gas, oil mist, water vapor, drip or salt, etc.


Below 1000m

Pollution degree


Product standard

Product adopts safety standards.


Product adopts EMC standards.


Cooling method

Forced air cooling

(1) Environmental temperature -10℃ to 50℃ Above 40℃,the capacity will decrease 3% by each 1℃.So it is not advisable to use inverter above 50℃

(2) Prevent electromagnetic interference, and away from interference sources.

(3) Prevent the ingress of droplets, vapor, dust, dirt, lint and metal fine powder.

(4) Prevent the ingress of oil, salt and corrosive gases.

(5) Avoid vibration. The maximum amplitude of less than 5.9m / s (0.6g).

(6) Avoid high temperature and humidity or exposure to rain, humidity shall be less than 90% RH (non-condensing). Do not allow condensation. In the presence of corrosive gas in the space, maximum relative humidity is no more than 60%.

(7) Altitude below 1000 meters

(8) Never use in the dangerous environment of flammable, combustible, explosive gas, liquid or solid.

It is mainly used in agriculture and forestry irrigation, desert management industry, grassland animal husbandry and municipal water supply.


Built-in high precision PV array maximum power point tracking
MPPT algorithms
Dry running mode monitoring, treatment
Tank water level control
Accept DC/AC input
LED displays the real time situation and the parameter of system
Based on RS485 real time remote control system
Fast installation design, no need extra maintenance
Built-in full protection and diagnostic mechanism.

User's manual|PI500-S series special inverter for PV water pump operating mannual

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